From A Part Time Job To An International Business

What began in 2017 as a modest endeavour to be able to pay her way through university, Music Lessons Academy has developed into a powerhouse brand across Australia & New Zealand in the musical education industry.

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From A Part Time Job To An International Business

What began in 2017 as a modest endeavour to be able to pay her way through university Music Lessons Academy has developed into a powerhouse brand across Australia and New Zealand in the musical education industry.

From her small, rented apartment in Sydney, Kayla Caruso has revolutionised the music lessons industry, delivering a new fresh and innovative music lesson approach for students of all ages across 12 instrument disciplines.

Driven by her own passion for music, her vision to provide endless opportunities for music students to explore their full creative potential & individuality, Kayla has developed a system that is innovative, daring, and inspiring.

Kayla’s innate understanding of the old staid industry approach along with her unparalleled willpower have resulted in a fast- and ever-growing number of 550+ students learning across Australia and New Zealand and is fast propelling her music lessons strategy to the forefront of the musical education industry.

If you are passionate about music and would like to get involved with a dynamic, innovative and growing business, then we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the Music Lesson Academy franchise with you in more detail.

A Message From The CEO

Your children are already amazing, we just help them show it
Kayla Caruso

At Music Lessons Academy, we want children to learn skills that will help them in the future, no matter what profession they choose later.

Our academy offers music lessons where the children learn creative and logical thinking, musical literacy and much more in an exciting and playful way.


Why is Music Lessons Academy business model so successful?

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Music Lessons at Home

Music Lessons Academy provide one on one tuition in the comfort and convenience of the student’s homes.

Trusted content

Created by experts, our lessons not only teach children & adults an instrument but also develop their interest in music in general

Tools to empower teachers

With the Music Lessons Academy IT platform, the teacher can identify gaps in their students’ understanding, tailor the instruction, and meet the needs of every student.

Materials available 24/7

Support & training material for all franchisee’s readily available 24/7 through a dedicated private cloud portal

We meet students at their level

The lesson curriculum considers the individual skills of the student and adapts the difficulty level accordingly

Gamified practice and project-based learning

We alternate learning theory and work on creative projects. Lessons feature a storyline, friendly competition, reward points, and varying levels of difficulty

Vision Statement

To engender passion within students to perform, compose and love music.

Mission Statement

We provide a new musical education experience, where we focus not just on the instrument, but on music as a whole. The students of Music Lessons Academy learn more than just music. Our innovative teaching style focuses on discipline, resilience, creative thinking and problem-solving skills while students study music.

Why a Franchised Business Model?

Music Lessons Academy prides itself on its high levels of customer service. One of the attractive features of the franchise business model is that each area is run by owner operators. Because owner operators have a vested interest in success, Music Lessons Academy believes this translates to high levels of customer service as an owner operator will often ‘go the extra mile’ for a client. But we are not the only ones who like this business model. Did you know Australia has the highest number of franchises per capita? More than the USA. The reason for this is that franchising is a win: win business model. For the franchise partner, the franchise model enables them to build their own business faster by using a proven track record. For the franchisor, the franchise model enables them to expand their brand footprint at a rate that would be otherwise unachievable. So, as you can see, it’s a popular business model in Australia because it has a strong upside for each party.

Music Lessons For All Ages!

Music Lessons Academy provides excellent musical instruction across a number of instrument disciplines. There is a place for all learners, from age 5 to all ages of adults, and at any level, from beginners to advanced players.

Music Lesson Academy is all about authenticity & embracing community