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The Music Lessons Academy franchise combines remarkable financial opportunity with the ability to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of children (& adults) in your community. Partners trust us, and students love our lessons.

Why You Should Invest In A Music Lessons Academy franchise?

There are many great reasons to join the Music Lessons Academy franchise network and here are the top four:

1. Fast Track Your Success.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks of going into business is a lack of knowledge and experience about what works and what doesn’t. Sure, you can give something a go and see if it works.

But a much smarter way is to find someone who is already doing well and join their team. This is exactly what Music Lessons Academy offers franchise partners. The chance to be their own boss and operate their own business but secure in the knowledge that there is a team at head office supporting every aspect of the business.

2. Repeat Customers

One of the most expensive costs in a business is acquiring new customers. One of the great benefits of Music Lessons Academy is that our students pay by the term. So, we have money booked into the future

3. Low Overheads

The Music Lesson Academy business model has low fixed overheads as there are no expensive premises to rent and no front office staff to hire. All of this helps to keep costs down and profit margins high.

4. Flexible Work Hours

Owning a Music Lesson Academy franchise means you get to be your own boss and with that comes flexible working hours. The franchise partners role is to mostly administrative as well as some sales and marketing, This can be carried out from a home office meaning its very flexible.


What People Are Saying 

After we became a Music Lessons Academy partner, we not only received instructions on launching and managing the business, but we also became a part of professional community. We interact with the HQ team daily and discuss a wide variety of issues with them: from setting up advertising and communicating with parents to educating teachers and the children’s progress. The considerable experience accumulated by Music Lessons Academy HQ has helped us quickly get through any problems that have arisen.

I have very positive feedback so far, working with the Music Lessons Academy company, methodology, and team. Despite the distance, I feel that there is a clear commitment from the Music Lessons Academy team to help and support franchisees in developing their local businesses. In the end, Music Lessons Academy’s success lies in how each franchisee takes off and becomes profitable. So far, I am delighted and confident that we can build up a strong and lasting relationship.
As a involved parent, I have engaged myself in recognizing the potential that every growing kid has and the opportunities available to them. Coming from a finance background and varied corporate experience, I understand the importance of bringing in new technology and want to help in improving music education. Through Music Lessons Academy, we wish to create a new generation of musicians.

Is a Music Lessons Academy franchise the right choice for you?

you want to open your own business
you believe in technology
you have or want to have an educational project for children & adults
you want to orchestrate a positive change in children’s lives

Academy Facts & Figures

Student Age: 4 years to never too old to start learning

Average Student Retention: 85%

Average Student Duration: 5 years

Schedule: to fit your timetable

What do you get with a Music Lessons Academy franchise?

Music Lessons Academy offers franchise partners the following benefits:

Established Proven Business

With 5 years of operations, 500+ students, 150+ teachers and multiple locations through Australia and New Zealand

Professional Training

Excellence in training, and support. Individual account support for each franchisee

Affordable Start Up

Low-cost entry to set up an academy. Low cost expenses as you grow

Ongoing Marketing Endeavours

Our tried and proven marketing formulas will enable you to quickly grow your academy

Full Documentation Business & Lessons

Ready-to-use teaching materials, lesson plans, media, marketing materials, and workbooks
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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be a musician or have qualifications to own a Music Lessons Academy?

Absolutely not! Owning a Music Lessons Academy is a great career choice for anyone with a passion for music and a desire to work with kids. Our team will also provide training and support during the opening process to share with franchisees the expertise they need to run a successful school.

While no formal qualifications are required for our franchise partners, good organisational skills and a background in sales and administration would be a benefit. The franchise partners are not the providers of the face-to-face music tuition.

This is conducted by university students. The franchise partner’s main role is to operate the back end of the business, including taking bookings, taking payment, rostering the teachers and students etc. Importantly we are looking for people who work hard, have great customer service skills and have a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

Do I need business experience to own a Music Lessons Academy?

While business skills are a good skill to have, you do not need business experience to become a franchisee. A willingness to learn is all that’s required. Our team will walk you through managing a Music Lessons Academy and will guide you through day-to-day business operations as needed.


What do I get for my franchise fee?

You get the right to operate as a Music Lessons Academy franchise for a period of 4 years with another 4-year option to renew. You also receive full training and support, marketing support and a comprehensive franchise operations manual detailing the Music Lessons Academy business systems and more.

How much will I earn?

The short answer is we don’t know. Many factors influence how much money franchise partners earn.

One of the key ones being how well they follow our business systems.

What we do know is that over the past 5 years our business has been profitable and has grown over time.

We been operating across 4 states for several years, and revenues and profit have been consistent. How you’ll do will largely be up to your attitude, commitment and effort. But rest assured we are here to support franchise partners in their success.

Is Music Lessons Academy accepting new franchisees?
Yes, Music Lessons Academy is expanding. We have availability in both the Australian and international markets. Visit our page about available franchise opportunities to take a look at existing locations, or contact the Development team for more information about your area.
Do you have locations near me?
We have locations available throughout most capital cities and regional centres. Let us know the area you are interested in and we will do our best to accommodate you.
What are the advantages of a Music Lessons Academy franchise versus starting my own music school?
Music Lessons Academy franchisees have multiple advantages when compared to opening a standalone school. Music Lessons Academy franchisees enjoy many benefits, including access to a proven business model, curriculum, IT systems, marketing materials, merch, music gear partners and a wide network of franchisee support.
Do I need existing real estate to open a Music Lessons Academy?
No, you don’t need to have real estate. Each Music Lessons Academy business can be operated from your home as your hired instructors carry out all lessons at each students home.

Music Lessons Academy point of difference is that instructors come to the customers home to conduct private 1 on 1 lessons. Customers fully enjoy the convenience of this service.

How long does it take to open a Music Lessons Academy?
All schools are different, and the length of the opening process depends on many different variables. For a better estimation, contact the Development team for an evaluation of the best timeline for your business.
Does Music Lessons Academy offer multi-area agreements?
Yes, Music Lessons Academy offers multi-area agreements upon market evaluation for franchisees who consider buying a franchise in more than one location.
Is Music Lessons Academy interested in international expansion?
Yes, SMusic Lessons Academy is interested in international areas as we continue to expand outside of Australia. For other markets, we are seeking qualified master franchisees for international, multi-unit expansion.
Can I convert my existing music school into a Music Lessons Academy franchise?
Yes, opportunities of conversion are evaluated upon request. Contact the development team to discuss your options for buying a franchise.


How many employees do I have to hire for my Music Lessons Academy business? Are instructors considered part-time or full-time employees?
The amount of instructors needed for a Music Lessons Academy business vary from school to school. The size of a school’s faculty depends on a location’s size, demographics and its available markets. Our development team can help you to create a unique plan tailored to your school. Instructors are hired on a part-time basis.
Do I need to be the owner-operator or can I hire a general manager (GM) for my franchise?
It’s up to the franchisee! Music Lessons Academy franchisees have the option of becoming an owner-operator or hiring a general manager. The method that works best for our franchisees is what works best for us.


What kind of support does Music Lessons Academy offer to franchisees?
We offer Music Lessons Academy franchisees first-class ongoing support as they build their school and their business, with onboarding, management training and continuous support during the entire opening process. After opening, Music Lessons Academy continues to assist franchisees with IT, marketing, curriculum and operations help desk teams.
Does Music Lessons Academy offer training to franchisees?
Yes, Music Lessons Academy offers training and support for all franchisees during the opening process, and continuous learning opportunities. Learn more about how we support our franchisees for more information.


Does Music Lessons Academy offer an adult music education program?
Yes, Music Lessons Academy offers music lessons for adults.
Does Music Lessons Academy have a curriculum franchisees must use?
Yes, Music Lessons Academy has a comprehensive curriculum structured around both group and one-on-one music lessons. Franchisees will learn more during the training process.
Can I provide other styles of music education at my Music Lessons Academy?
Yes, Music Lessons Academy gives franchisees the flexibility to teach different types of music genres to students.